Raja Oedipus

A king should be principally dedicated to his subjects, their well-being should be his priority. This is what makes him a leader. But if the leader turns a dictator shunning his surroundings, the results are fatal, both for the leader and also for his people. Desperate to revenge king Laius, Oedipus draws upon himself unwillingly a brutal fate and prophecy. The revelation of him slaying his father and marrying his mother and raising children with her leads him to lunacy. He blinds himself.

Written and directed by Rajesh Debnath, Raja Oedipus accentuates the transition of a leader to a dictator and the confusion of Oedipus the king and the person.

Production: Sabuj Sanskritic Kendra

Script/Scenography/Direction: Rajesh Debnath

Music: Subhadeep B Guha & Nabamita Ghosh

Choreography: Suman Saha

Stage: Rajesh Debnath & Kneel Koushik

Light: Ashis Das

Props: Adrish Kumar Roy

Fight: Tapan Das

Cast: Koushik Kar, Suman Saha, Prabir Aditya, Ipsita, Suvojit Bandyopadhyay and others.