Phera adapted by Soumitra Chatterje from Friedrich Durrenmatt’s ‘The Visit’ is not just the story of a girl wronged, who returns to seek vengeance. It highlights the socio-economic situation of the state or rather the country where money can buy almost everything. The depth of poverty and constant temptation, the marginal section of the society is subjected to is gradually decaying the moral fabric of life.

Production: Mukhomukhi

Directed By: Poulomi Bose

Cast: Soumitra Chatterjee, Debshankar Haldar, Poulomi Bose, Subrata Samajdar, Anirban Chakraborty, Debnath Chatterjee, Debdas Ghosh, Kunal Karmakar, Debabrata Maity, Priyanath Mukherjee, Rajat Mallick, Prosenjit Bhattacharya, Riddhibhesh Mukherjee.