Panchakanya – Ruthless male domination, abuse and death of women in patriarchal society

Panchakanya highlights ruthless male domination, abuse and death of women in the patriarchal society where the money dominates marriage and forces female submission. The story portrays the five characters who represent the five Elements of Nature, the Panchabhut. Kunti is the symbol of Kshiti (Earth),  Mandodari of Apa (Water),  Draupadi is Tej (Fire), Ahalya is Marut (Air) and Tara is signifies Byom (Space). The play starts with a true event where a young girl is sold to a Mahajan failing to repay his loans. The girl is tortured and abused not only by her husband but also by her in-laws. She dies. Everyone in the village refuses to cremate her. Four brave women defy social dogmas and take her to the crematorium.

Production: Oihik Srishti Sukher Ullasi

Creation & Visibility: Swati Roy

Creative Head: Arindam Roy

Creators: Debabrata Chakrabarti, Mamoni Aditya Dasgupta, Kakali Ghosh, Satarupa Ghosh, Manjari Banerjee, Moumita Mukherjee, Uttam Sarkar, Kakali Chatterjee, Amrit Khatua, Srimoyi Majumdar, Debasis Haldar, Bivas Ghosh, Sandip Chowdhury, Rajasree Biswas, Tapan Saha, Mou Bhattacharya, Swati Roy, Suvojit Mukherjee, Prabir Aditya & Arindam Roy