Panchajanya – Lord Krishna, his commitment to dharma, his conflicts and confinements

The war of Kurukshetra has just ended. Gandhari, after losing her hundred sons, is a much-grieved lady. She holds Krishna responsible for her misery. Radha asks Krishna why, despite being the most powerful person in India, Krishna cannot confide in anyone. Krishna tells his side of the story. As the story unfolds we see how Krishna, the young shepherd boy, is always trusted by people around him to be their saviour. How every-time it is Krishna who has to take a strong and sometimes unpleasant stand to ensure justice. How Krishna must sacrifice his personal life to free India from the hungry grip of Jarasandha and Kamsa in order to establish the rule of Dharma. How Krishna merely becomes an instrument of justice. How destiny takes over his life. But can Krishna, who has been the epitome of love, allow destiny to take away all that is tender in him? Can commitment to the state be greater than commitment to humanity? What does a responsible man choose? Can he at-all choose? Can war ever bring peace?

Production: Nandikar

Directed By: Sohini Sengupta

Cast: Swatilekha Sengupta, Rudraprasad Sengupta, Sohini Sengupta, Shambhu, Swajan Srijan, Sushanta, Parthapratim and other young actors of Nandikar