Nishikando is a jovial comedy with rib breaking laughter. Battered by his wife Phoolmoni and a union of filches, Nishi, a small time thief, runs to the jungle and returns in the disguise of an ascetic prophet. Soon, with his cunningness, he establishes himself as a brilliant fortune teller. But good days doesn’t last long. The King summons him to find an extremely important document related to national security. Will he be able to find it? Discover Nishi’s fate as the story unfolds.

Production: Niva Arts

Directed By: Arijit Bandyopadhyay

Playwright: Soumen Chowdhury

Cast: Arijit Banerjee, Goutam Sil, Rakhal Das, Sushobhan Patra, Kuntal Banerjee, Debkanti Mahadani, Tapas Dutta Chowdhury, Tapan Chatterjee, Ashok Das, Subhadeep Bhattacharyya, Rajib Sen, Joydeep Bhattacharyya, Debasish Sen, Santu Sarkar, Bhaskar Sanyal, Bipodtaron Bhattacharyya, Suman Kumar Raj, Ratna Dhar, Koel Banerjee, Ria Bhandari, Sonali Dey, Abheri Nath, Mithu Mondal