Mullyo – An insight into relationships and consequences of the choices we make

Mullyo (originally Nilam Nilam), is an adaptation of Arthur Miller’s The Price by Asit Mukhopadhyay. It is the story of estranged brothers Bijoy Narayan and Sanjoy Narayan Chowdhury brought together after the demise of their father to sell their belongings. Bijoy Narayan, the elder of the siblings agrees to a deal by the furniture broker Sailyo Mohan Sur, who make a fortune, judging the compromising nature of the former, underquoting him, although Bijoy Narayan’s wife and brother both urge him to hold out for for a higher price.

The play accentuates family secrets, bitterness and underhandedness. Bijoy Narayan and Sanjoy Narayan’s father, once reasonably prosperous, looses his business to the Great Depression. He makes his sons realize that he does not have the means to support them. Bijoy Narayan accepts his fathers’ penury, gives up college and stands by him. Sanjoy Narayan, suspects his father of squirreling money. He struggles, continues his education and eventually becomes a successful surgeon. Bijoy Narayan becomes a police officer and has served the force for twenty-eight years when the brothers meet again. They finally have the conversation they should have had years ago. Mullyo is an insight into their relationship and resentment – consequences of the choices they made.

Adaptation: Asit Mukherjee
Cast: Debshankar Halder, Senjuti Mukherjee, Rajat Ganguly & Bratya Basu
Producer: Bijoy Mukherjee
Music Score & Design: Dishari Chakraborty
Set: Bilu Dutta
Light: Sudip Sanyal
Production: Manager Amal Dey
Music Operator: Chandan Roy & Soumya Mukherjee