Mrittyu Iswar Jounota

The play commences with a monologue of a man who twines reality with imagination thus giving rise to a semi-realistic environment on stage. It seems that he talks to himself, just as a prisoner confesses his crime on the last night before his death and is silently heard by the thick darkness that prevails there. The actor overpasses three doors or three realizations of Mrityu, Iswar and Jaunota (Death, God and Sexuality) represented as morning, evening and night. Notions of self consciousness and modern thinking are broken and refurbished in these three scenes of the play.

Production: Ashokenagar Bratyajon

Playwright: Bratya Basu

Direction: Avi Chakraborty

Cast: Anirban Ghosh, Loknath dey, Sekhar Samadder, Achinta Dutta, Joy Chakraborty, Arup Goswami, Koustav Dutta Gupta, Dipanita Achariya, Sangita Chakraborty, Abhipsha Ghosh, Shipra Mukharjee, Somen Nag, Sk Arif Hossain, Suvojit Mojumder, Debojyoti Singha Roy and Provat Sarkar