Meghe Dhaka Tara

The play is based on the Ritwick Ghatak’s classic of the sixties, Meghe Dhaka Tara. It projects the pain, anguish, solitude, exploitation, and the unfulfilled desires and expectations of a refugee family in the aftermath of the Partition of Bengal. It portrays the plight of the displaced trying to reconstruct their lives amidst the rise of colonies in divided Bengal. The play revolves around Neeta, a beautiful young sibling of a poor school teacher Madhab. Her dreams, hopes and aspirations crash amidst the growing demand of family members and her deep concern to save her family even at the cost of sacrificing her own interests.

The loud colours of plastic flowers and a dream elevation in the backdrop seem to stand out exclusively in terms of representing the glaring difference between the world of fantasy and heart breaking reality. The conflicts of idealism, strengths and weaknesses of a post-colonial middle class family were clearly noticeable.

Scripted by Ujjwal Chatterjee and directed by Bratya Basu, Meghe Dhaka Tara has brilliant performances by Poulomi Basu as Neeta, Subhasish Mukherjee as Madhab Master, Partha Bhowmick as Shankar, Kathakali Deb as Geeta and veteran actor Suranjana Dasgupta as Ramala.

Production: Naihati Bratyajon

Direction: Bratya Basu

Playwright:Ujjwal Chattopadhyay

Cast: Poulomi Basu, Subhasish Mukherjee, Partha Bhowmick, Kathakali Deb and veteran actor Suranjana Dasgupta.

Content Reference and Courtesy: Millennium Post