Like, Comment, Share – Though we pontificate of gender egalitarianism, do we really believe it?

A group of old college friends, scattered globally and now connected through social networking, reunite after decades. They happily relive their yesteryear memories, and share their present experiences and challenges. Events take a sudden turn, when the hosts teenage son returns home after committing an odious sexual crime. His mother does not shelter him and hands him over to the law, and also supports the sufferer. 

Though we pontificate of gender egalitarianism, do we really believe it? and if so are we instrumental in propagating it, specially among our youth and children? It is time we reassess our social dogmas and practices. Swati roy accentuates, how a women can be strong and vocal about inequality and gender subjugation and stand up for justice for crimes against other women.

Director’s Note:
The mix of modern gadgets and depth in Indian literature is an endeavour for returning to the roots of human existence and finding solace for the predicament of modern man through certain eternal values and spiritual transcendence. It is to say that we must enhance our family values. We should treat a girl child likewise we treat our male child. We should make our sons understand that Women are not merchandise, torturing them mentally and physically does not glorify the male ego. Values must go deep into our systems, our cultures and so to our posterity.

Duration: 90 Minutes (Without Interval)
First Show: August 17, 2017, Tapan Theatre 6.30pm
Play Set Direction & On Stage: Swati Roy
On Stage:
Mou Bhattacharya, Debabrata Chakrabarti, Srimayi Majumdar, Bivas Ghosh, Arindam Ghosh, Kakali Ghosh, Suvojit Mukherjee & Arindam Roy.
Drama Logo: Arindam Roy
Light: Bablu Sarkar
Set Idea: Jayanta Chaudhuri
Set: Construction: Ajit Roy
Make Up: Jhumri Bhattacharya

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