Krishnapurer Roopkatha

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This old saying has remained true through the entire journey of human polity. Still, there appear to be times when a subtle remainder of this saying becomes necessary for the benefit of the common people. Krishnapurer Roopkatha, a black comedy, attempts to do the same. With the help of fantasy, fun, magic and cruel realism, this play tries to emphasis that it is not the inherent vice of power, but the lack of its proper realisation and utilization that gives it a bad name.

Production: Nandipat

Play: Jyotishman Chattopadhyay

Directed by: Bimal Chakraborty

Cast: Kamal Chattopadhyay, Nandini Bhowmic, Bimal Chakraborty, Netai Hembrom, Sanjib Chowdhury, Sarbani Saha, Sarbani Bhattacharya, Nandini Bhowmic, Saikat Bhattacharya, Sandip Suman Bhattacharya, Pintu Das, Biplab Naha Biswas, Triguna Shankar Manna, Ashis Das, Bikash Kali Ghoshy

Upcoming Performance: 11th August 2016, EZCC, Saltlake, 7pm

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