Kojagori – The birth of a determined repudiate voice of an ordinary traumatized man

Kojagori is an adaptation of Howard Frost’s novel ‘Sailas Timberman’. It speaks out loud against the misuse of power by the opulent and their incessant onslaught on nature to foster more profits. The play portrays how ordinary men can rebel against the system leaving behind their fear of the strongmen. Sailesh the protagonist is not only the commoners voice of protest but also their expression of sanity. He reasserts us that there will always be people who would stand up for us and keep the resistance alive. Kojagori accentuates the birth of a determined repudiate voice from an ordinary traumatized man. It addresses the atrocities of our times and celebrates the outburst of subjugated opinion.

Production: Belgharia Avimukh
Written and Directed By: Kaushik Chatterjee

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