Manmoyee a young hindu widow of 18 falls prey to merchants, hoarders and compradors of Krishnanagar and is compelled to prostitution. She eventually reaches Kolkata. Her search for shelter lands her in Sonargachi. The play is not based on Manmoyee life, she is introduced to highlight the torment of her progeny, what girls like her are subjected to. Damini a similar ill fated woman, our protagonist, has been in this hell for decades. She doesn’t get a chance to escape the sordid world inhabited by of those of her kind. The waves of globalisation or postmodernism never reaches or effects her primitive existence. She longs to return to a social life, specially for her daughter Vasundhara, a dream which she tries to fulfil through Barun Barman, a self proclaimed bohemian poet. Steeped in hypocrisy and intellectual pride, Barun instead scars the world of Damini.

Production: Chok

Written & Directed by: Abhijit Kargupta

Cast: Damini – Nibedita Kargupta, Ismail – Nilanjan Saha, Customer – Rahul Das, Bindi – Sabita Das, Varun – Atmadeep Ghosh, Bachchu – Siddhu, Vasundhara – Tannistha Biswas

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