Born in a tribal family, Kalindi is brought up in the vicinity of Palash forests, the rhyming Madal and the rugged rocky terrain of Singhbhum. She is now 22, youthful and tomboyish with a mind of her own. Knowing well that her devotion would be misinterpreted, Kalindi takes a tall tree by the river as her inamorato. She resolves to sacrifice rather part with her self-esteem which eventually leads her to a disastrous end.

Directed by Tapan Das, an expert in psychophysical theatre, Kalindi highlights the still deep-rooted credulous believes and the reverence for the supernatural in the many religious and necessitous pockets in our country.

Production: Khardaha Theatre Zone

Playwright: Prabir Guha

Direction & Choreography: Tapan Das

Music & Costume: Prabha Das

Stage Installation: Sagar Das

Stage Installation & Light Designing: Sagar Das