Gopal Oti Subodh Balok

‘Gopal Ati Subodh Balok’ is a play by Jahar Dasgupta, directed by Krishnendu Dewanji. An impeccably executed solo performance by Anirban Chakraborty with perfect fulcrum from Arindam Ghosh, an evolving set, balanced music and stupendous light design by Dinesh Poddar shall enthral the audience.

A class of people were endorsed by the British Government to facilitate their own interest. ‘Gopal Ati Subodh Balok’ depicts the role of these upper middle class intellectuals in Indian freedom movement through the character Gopal. This favour seeking class projected themselves as leaders. But they soon realized that without the common peoples trust they shall be able to fulfil their aspirations. At this juncture, they were divided into two corridors- one of appeal and another of direct agitation. Eventually through enormous political turmoil they gained freedom.

After independence the emotions and ideology which orchestrated Gopal’s to dive into the freedom movement got bedewed. They became self-centred and principally void, which eventually doomed them. The play concludes with the realization that by ignoring the common people no Gopal can serve their own interest.

Production: Uttarpara Bratyajon

Directed By: Krishnendu Dewanji

Cast: Anirban Chakraborty and Arindam Ghosh.