Casting Couch – The furtive evils

“We will shout aloud. Yes we will!”
The furtive evils of society that we all know of, yet are silent about it. A malice that is as old as mankind and one that has lived and thrived through ages. It’s time we face it, talk about it, ask and fulminate.
“Atmik” an ensemble of young talented practitioners are going to stage their play ‘Casting Couch’ on the 21st of September 7pm at Gyan March. Directed by Gulshanara, the play has been written by Dibyendu Tarafdar. The act shall bring on stage Sashi, Paromita, Priyanka, Ranabir, Keya and Gulshanara herself. The music for the play has been composed by Jaydeep Sinha and he is also on the vocals with Afreen Kazi and Subhryajyoti Sen. Soumen Halder has worked his magic with the light and stage design while Priyanka Guha has designed the costumes with Samik on the creatives.