Bukjhim ek Bhalobasa – A tragic love story set in the backdrop of rural Bangladesh

‘Bukjhim Ek Bhalobasa’ is a tragic love story set in the backdrop of rural Bangladesh in the decaying years of the Mughal Empire. Written in modern prose throbbing with intense lyricism and interspersed with music, Shamsul Haque’s narrative takes us into the world of Moimansingha Geetika. Here we meet the characters of Mansur and Chandbibi who, like their counterparts in other romances, fall in love with each other, suffer the pangs of separation and eventually die a tragic death. But what gives Bukjhim Ek Bhalobasa an added dimension is the presence of people like Feroz Dewan and Noorjahan who defy the stereotypical villainous roles reserved for them in the world of romances and yet come across as powerful characters unmatched in human dignity.

The play is a representation of this sensuous world of romance as created by Syed Shamsul Haque. Performed by a small group of theatre practitioners, musicians and academicians, the team has put in their best efforts to render the world of Shamsul Haque in theatrical terms as faithfully as possible. 

This production features Sraman Chatterjee as the single actor-narrator who will simultaneously narrate the story and play out most of the important characters appearing in the text. Subhadeep Guha’s music and the live presence of the musical team will be an intrinsic part of the overall design of the performance.

Presented By: Aneek

Original Story: Syed Shamsul Haque

Single Actor-Narrator: Sraman Chatterjee

Supporting Actors: Sarbajit Ghosh, Suhanishi Chakraborty

Music By: Subhadeep Guha

Live Music Team: Chakrapani Dev, Sushruta Goswami, Jayanta Saha