Executed with great finesse and professionalism, team Bodhu put upa delightful presentation. For first time director Priyanka, it was a challenge which she implemented with precision. A simplistic yet illustrious set by Chanchal Acharya, light by Chandan haldar and brilliant music by Ayan Ray helped create the perfect ambience.

Wonderfully choreographed, lit and staged, Bodu depicted the story of a simple girl who drew her essence of life from nature. After marriage she gets transported to an urban atmosphere, whereas her mind still longs for rural serenity and naturalness. She is like her incarcerated parrot, who longs to return to the wild. Her dreams are aesthetically presented and illustrated by the accompanying dancers who twine to form different objects of nature. She finds solace in her imaginations where her mother comforts and loves her and helps her sleep. The adversities around make her stronger. She starts recalling her identity. With unstinted support and shelter from nature she finds solace in the dark soothing water in her village pond, her ultimate destination for liberation.

Apart from being a versatile dancer trained in Kathak, Kathakali, Rabindranritya, Manipuri, and Mohiniattyam Priyanka Ray is also an actor who has worked in numerous plays like Chandalika, Shyama, Budhdhiowala, Swarthapar Daitya, Damal Chele, Bireswar Vivekananda, Puratan Vritya, Badhu, and Ek Mutho Bhat. She is also actively involved with Kalindi Bratyajon. Her performances in Boma and Rudrasangeet have been widely appreciated.