Awddyo Sesh Rajani – The death of an artist, the death of theatre

History has been witness to confinements, executions, ostracisation and marginalisation of many famous persons in the process of their quest to establish new truths. Ashim Chakraborty was the first person to be shunned by Bengali Theatre despite him being dedicated, committed and utterly successful. Awddyo Sesh Rajani is based on his life.

Amiya Chakraborty, the protagonist, is ardently in love with theatre. His wife Mala, a school teacher, supports the family while also encouraging Amiya to better in his productions. She helps him by selecting one of Amiya’s incomplete scripts, Barbadhu. The play creates history with a packed house for more more than thousand nights. However, the work is manifested as as vulgar and incongruous for the stage. The Academy of Fine Arts refuses to run the show. Amiya gets cornered from all quarters of the society, he suffers a massive heart attack, which leads to his untimely death.

Based on the novel written by Shyamal Gangopadhyay, Awddyo Sesh Rajani has been adapted by Ujjwal Chattopadhyay and directed by Bratya Basu. A multidimensional set design and an enthralling performance by Anirban Bhattacharjee as Amiya Chakraborty, Debjani Chatterjee as Rajani, Satrajit Sarkar as Bishnu Babu, Ankita Majhi as Mala and Indrajit Chakraborty as Mala’s husband mesmerizes the audience.


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