Athhoi is the Bengali rendition of Shakespeare’s Othello. Arna Mukhopadhyay has tried to explore for the inner politics of the cast bedlam with a rural setting in the plot making. He has questioned the truth that why one person shall be condemned for his caste. The recent national incidents distinctly manifest the fact that the oppression has not concluded even after decades of independence. The subjugation of the weak by the prevailing is still relevant and persistent.

The protagonist Arna delves deep within the biased and partisan feudal system and its ramifications, in search for a solution. He tries to access the cause of intolerance and brutality, and how in the thick of the entire mayhem, the city perseveres.

Production: Natadha

DirectionArna Mukhopadhyay

Cast: Turna, Arna, Anirban, Subir, Joy, Milan, Upabela, Rudra, Sumit, Arpan, Jyoti, Saurav, Sarthak, Swaptodwipa, Arpita, Tanuja, Saurav