Aranya Bahini

Aranya Bahini is based on a novel by Tarashankar Bandyopadhyay. Set against the backdrop of the pre-independence British era, the narrative reverberates the subjugation, pain and helplessness of the Santhals of ‘Panchkatiya Barahet’. Hegemonized to decades of racial oppression and corrupt money laundering practices of the Zamindari, coupled with British mal-governance, the Santhals rose against their dictators. Though the rebellion was brutally quelled and leaders extirpated, their valour, spirit and resilience shall always be remembered in history.

Production: Natyik Kolkata

Concept: Amitava Mohori

Direction: Pratap Mondal

Upcoming Performance: 11th August, Minerva Theatre, 6.30pm


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