What shall be the future two hundred years from now when machines shall be human companions. Not only will they make life easier and more organized, they shall stand out as status symbols too. But will these machines be able to make humans happy? Will they be able to distance themselves from mortal emotions and what if in the year 2222, an inanimate consort seeks love from a human? Will they be reciprocated? What kind of a future is this, or is this the future? “Anagata” questions the mechanised generation of today marching towards an affluent, cosmopolitan, calculative, dispassionate existence.

Production: Sangshaptak

Playwright: Anup Chakraborty

Presentation and Direction: Prasenjit Bardhan

Co-Direction: Raju Khan

Cast: Dhritanshu Da, Santanu Mukherjee, Palash Karmakar, Santanu Ganguly, Swapan Ganguly, Samik Majumder, Dola Bandyopadhyay, Raju Khan, Rahul Trivedi, Subhomoy Ghosh